Year: 2020


A Day in the Life of a Breach – With Cisco Meraki

Ted, IT Manager at Simpson & Jones Law, has been doing well lately. A recent overhaul of the organization’s security and network infrastructure helped him rest easy, knowing that there was seemingly nothing that the Cisco Meraki security ecosystem couldn’t handle.

While at home, watching Netflix and sipping a Heineken, Ted was interrupted by his phone.

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Integrating Network and Building Security with Meraki

It felt like the whole office was holding in their delight at the news of a competitor’s cybersecurity attack, but Ted was worried.

His own firm, Simpson & Jones Law, had just opened a new branch, and Ted, the IT Manager, was charged with overseeing its network infrastructure.

Ted knew all too well the value their client data would provide to hackers. Knowing also that his organization’s on-premises security was the weakest link in its security posture, he figured this news might help him sway his boss into approving a serious security investment.

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Ted is, and always has been, a worrier.

Ted is, and always has been, a worrier.

He worries about his next doctor’s appointment, a brief checkup.

He worries about his relationship with his partner of seven years. And he worries a lot about his work as an IT manager at Simpson & Jones Law.

One of his worst fears? Disappointing people who count on him. What does he do?

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Attention: IT Managers ‘Does this story sound familiar’?

Imagine: it’s 2 a.m on a Saturday. Ted, IT manager at Simpson & Jones Law, is rudely awakened by an email informing him of a security incident.

What does he do?

The answer: it depends. If his organization enjoys a comprehensive, automated security system like the kind offered by Cisco Meraki, he can safely return to bed. If, though, he’s relying on a tech stack piled high with assorted point solutions—or even less—he’s fighting an uphill battle against a far more prepared foe.

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Navigating Digital Innovations

Solving the Equation

Dawn absentmindedly tugged at her ear, an old habit from childhood that surfaced when life’s stress was getting to her. She glanced down at the clock in the corner of her computer monitor – 12:48. Working through lunch again. Dawn dropped her elbows to the desk, resting her head in her hands for a brief reprieve.

The company-wide demonstration last week had made the new office platform seem so easy. The presentation had been slick, full of impressive screenshots that promised such ease and an increase in functions and reporting that her department had never had before. But the demonstration had been far from reality.

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