In today’s competitive market, “satisfactory service” is no longer adequate. Businesses have to exceed customer expectations in delivering exceptional services. But as a professional service organization, it is very difficult to gauge what that is. So……how do we do it?   

Each customer comes with different needs and expectations.  As we work closely with our customers, we need to determine how we fit into their plans and how much they are willing to invest in the relationship.  The key is to identify which role the customer wants us to play. Whether it be a “service provider” or a “trusted partner.”  With that said, given the services we offer and reputation we always aim for all customers to consider us as the latter.

Often when we first engage with a customer they prefer us to engage simply as a “service provider,” i.e. we are there to resolve a well-defined problem or implement a predetermined solution.  They have a clear expectation of service and delivery, and may not be able to invest a lot of time, effort and/or money in the relationship yet.  In these circumstances, our focus is to their answer immediate questions, solve their problems, exceed expectations and demonstrate our ability to follow through on promises.  As part of our core values; we always strive to develop long-term relationship through our leadership, dedication to meeting our customer's goals, and going beyond by adding our personal touch to set ourselves apart from the average one and done service provider.  

When we have put in the time & work necessary to be viewed as a “trusted advisor,” the customer is more willing to invest time, effort, risk, and/or money.  In return, they expect our organization to not only deliver on defined scopes of work and resolve problems but to add value and go the extra mile.  To create true value, the organization as a whole has to deliver on a consistent basis.  What this means is having a deeper understanding of the customer’s business and how IT affects that business.  From pre-sales through to implementation, the focus is on a holistic solution that takes into account not only solving the issue at hand but with a strategic view of how this solution fits into the broader IT strategy.  This requires a different approach from our organization and from each individual in how they interact with the customer.  The individualized personal approach remains important, but the entire organization needs to be on the same page as well.  This is the area where ROVE excels, strong communications across all the teams servicing an account; all focused on doing the right thing for the customer.   

I believe that going above and beyond for the customer is rooted not only from the individual but should be instilled in the culture of our organization.  This is obvious with ROVE.




Tony Vuvan

ROVE | Technical Consultant



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