Who We Are


01. We Guide By Understanding

We transform businesses through close collaboration at all phases, beginning with a clear vision of each client’s objectives. By truly understanding our client’s goals, we create technology solutions that become the driving force behind efficiencies and differentiation across the enterprise.

02. We Continuously Build Relationships

ROVE develops successful business relationships by providing clients with long term strategic partnerships. Over time, as we repeatedly demonstrate leadership and readiness to achieve success, our client’s trust in us is strengthened.

03. Purpose Drives Our Innovations

Our solutions are innovative and allow us to effectively solve business challenges. We continuously deepen our knowledge and advance our technologies so that no matter what challenge we face, we’re equipped to approach it as leaders of the digital world should.

04. Diverse Talent Defines Us

We’re a diversity vendor and dynamic group of the sharpest minds in information technology. Our broad-range thinking, award-winning solutions and nationally acclaimed array of portfolio offerings not only solve complex business challenges, they attract the industry’s greatest talent.

ROVE is an independent Veteran Owned Business with 30% veteran employees. As a local Veteran Owned Business we take our commitment to fellow veterans and to our local communities seriously. We actively support local charities through the efforts of our employees and through corporate giving.

As a veteran owned business, purchases with ROVE qualify for your diversity spend program. To learn more about what being a veteran owned business means to ROVE, and to understand how you can benefit from working through our diversity spend program, contact us today.