Workplace Screening


IntelliSite’s Human-based Monitoring (HbM) captures elevated body temperatures to provide real-time identification of high-risk individuals. IntelliSite’s HbM, a solution within IntelliSite’s IoT Condition-Based Monitoring platform, combines thermal cameras, artificial intelligence and cloud-based management to recognize slightest change in individual temperatures to create actionable outcomes.

Challenges to other available solutions include the ability to accurately measure the temperature of humans (thermal cameras natively compare the temperatures of the objects within its field of view rather than a constant value spectrum) and false alerts triggered by objects in the camera’s field of view such as a car’s exhaust, an incandescent light or a hot cup of coffee.

IntelliSite, in partnership with ROVE now provides a comprehensive solution that combines IntelliSite’s DeepVision AI technology, a proprietary advanced computer vision engine with Intellisite’s All-In-One Human Based Monitoring (hBM) system. Together, this solution delivers a smarter application to detect elevated body temperatures in real-time to identify high-risk individuals and create actionable outcomes. Alerts are logged to enable auditing and other data tracking processes. Ultimately DeepVision AI-enabled software when paired with our IoT Monitoring platform, thermal temperature calibration design, integration and deployment capabilities deliver a powerful value proposition for customers.


Industry Challenges

– Protecting patients, customers and employees

– Identifying elevated body temperature in real-time

– Preventing virus spread from unknown carriers

– Implementing autonomous screening system


IntelliSite MBX hBM-X Screenshots - 15 Feet Away
IntelliSite MBX hBM-X Screenshots with Black Body Reference Temp

Key Benefits

A single source for a designed and tested solution that can be deployed to one or hundreds of your locations. Flexible options to enable continuous monitoring of targeted areas to alert based on defined temperature criteria providing the ability for a quick and appropriate response

● Proven technology utilized in SARS, H5N1, MERS outbreaks

● Compact mobile solution to meet entry point configuration needs

● Scaled options to support larger deployments in a cost effective manner

● Wireless connectivity for standalone network connection

● System adjusts automatically to ambient temperature

Key Solution Features

TURNKEY SOLUTION. Pre-tested and proven solution design. Turn key deployment and installation service.

MANAGED SERVICE. Managed service support and monitoring option for management and maintenance.

POWERED WITH AI. Artificial Intelligence based human targeting to enhance temperature measurements. Self-calibrated temperature measurement system.

PERSONALIZED PORTALS. Users can monitor activity and results and set alerts for real-time notification and responsiveness



IntelliSite’s DeepVision AI provides machine learning algorithms that enable the hBM system to deliver on high-performance pattern detection and temperature measuring via thermographics intelligence. IntelliSite DeepVision AI Features include:

Collects Demographics: IntelliSite DeepVision AI captures useful data such as number of alarms per day/hour, people counting, child/adult/senior, age & gender

Thermographics: DeepVision AI mesures the thermal differences between normal skin temperature and someone’s temperature that may be exceeding the normal threashold of 100.4°F

AI/IoT Cloud Integration: DeepVision AI can carry useful data metrics to the IntelliSite IoT Cloud for “single pane of glass” data visualization

Additional AI Modules can be enabled with the proposed hardware infrastructure and IntelliSite’s DeepVision AI Software, you can enable other AI-vision models on new camera streams very easily.

● People Counting

● Facial Demographics

● Facial Recognition

● Objects entering alert zones

● External Relay Automation such as integration with Access Control systems


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