ROVE is a Systems Integrator and Cloud Solutions Provider that services Enterprise, Commercial & Public Sector clients across the Southeast Region. With a particular focus on partnering with our customers on their transformational business process initiatives, we deliver impactful technology solutions that provide a modernized business platform.


ROVE fearlessly leads clients through a digital landscape in constant flux. As the IT world evolves, we journey through it with people and partners who not only envision the future, but shape it. We’re disciplined, adaptive and guided by our trust in one another. Together we continually discover new horizons of possibility that redefine how we solve problems and move businesses forward.

Enterprise Collaboration



Audio Visual

ROVE’s Enterprise Collaboration practice focuses on key business outcomes around increased productivity, higher quality work and improved innovation through successful architecture and implementation of various collaboration technologies.

ROVE’s purpose is to relieve our customers’ logistical burdens by combining our business expertise, manufacturing partnerships, and wide process engineering skill sets to help them achieve success. ROVE LogistiX assists clients in storing, configuring, deploying, and enabling technology at the edge.

ROVE’s consulting-led approach helps businesses navigate the complexity of modern security and supports digital transformation while minimizing risk. ROVE’s security architecture creates an agile and predictive security posture across digital assets and workplace.

ROVE offers platform agnostic solutions that accelerate the modern hybrid work environment providing consulting strategy for turnkey integrated audiovisual (A/V) solutions including collaboration, meeting room, conference room, command centers, control centers, training centers and hybrid learning

Software Defined Architecture

Strategic Staffing


ROVE’s Software Defined Architectures concentrate on bridging the gaps between technology and people. Reducing complexity, increasing visibility, and enhancing security are the tenants of this practice.

ROVE clients see immediate value by getting exactly the Right Person with exactly the Right Skills at exactly the Right Time. ROVE Xperts’ FlexMode allows Clients to scale up and scale down IT staff headcount to match business demands. We provide our customers with access to IT professionals on a time and materials basis for short- and long-term contract assignment.

ROVE’s objective is to make maintenance and technology management easier. ROVE works with its clients to define budgetary requirements and streamline technology acquisition and adoption through consumption modeling. Whether CapEx or OpEx, ROVE works with clients to evolve their thinking about what’s possible throughout the financial and operational processes.


ROVE is an independent Veteran Owned Business with 30% veteran employees. As a local Veteran Owned Business we take our commitment to fellow veterans and to our local communities seriously. We actively support local charities through the efforts of our employees and through corporate giving. As a veteran owned business, purchases with ROVE qualify for your diversity spend program. To learn more about what being a veteran owned business means to ROVE, and to understand how you can benefit from working through our diversity spend program, contact ROVE at

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