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As our world continues to advance at tremendous speeds, accurate and real-time communication becomes more of a business necessity. Enterprise collaboration brings efficient communication to your fingertips. It is important to be equipped with the correct technology for your specific organization structure, needs, and goals. 


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Q: I have a collaboration strategy in place today, but how do I know if it’s what is best for my organization?

A: An optimal collaboration strategy is one that simplifies formerly tedious or cumbersome processes, enhances the quality of communication, and gives time back to your team. If any of these are not what you would list as current strengths of your organization, ROVE is ready to help you enhance your collaborative workspace.

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Q: My collaboration infrastructure is currently on premise, why would I and how should I take it to the cloud?

A: Simplify the complexity of your collaboration infrastructure at a lower overall cost. Expedite the release of new features and services. With a blend of your existing on-premise collaboration solutions and cloud collaboration technology, you can leverage the best of both worlds with a hybrid environment that can connect your workforce in a transformative way.



Q: How do I streamline and consolidate my long and ever growing list of existing collaboration tools?

A: ROVE’s mission is to put no-compromise collaboration into every room, on every desk, in every pocket, and into every application. Collaboration solutions that enable a common experience across roles, organizational boundaries, and devices remove restrictions and complexity. With this freedom, you can focus on your work and the collaborative opportunities it presents, rather than the tools themselves.



Q: I have an environment full of antiquated equipment, how do I choose what should be modernized?

A: One size does not fit all. Users across your business functions have unique needs, and you need to provide collaboration capabilities to support how they work, not the other way around. Allow ROVE to help you modernize your workspace with the most strategic solution.



Enterprise Collaboration is the gateway to efficient organization communication. Through enhanced meeting spaces, to easy-to-use communication programs, collaboration can provide all users with better ways to conduct business both internally and externally. ROVE has partnered with the top manufacturers in the industry and has the ability to bring customers the perfect collaboration solution to meet their business goals and needs. With ROVE’s assistance, find the collaboration match for your organization and begin advancing the way your business communication operates.


Collaboration is how business gets done, regardless of what market your business may be in.  These solutions simplify working together, face to face, from the browser to the boardroom. Unifying video conferencing and collaboration experiences with the way people work means that ROVE’s solutions are intuitive and easy to use. They adapt to deliver high-quality interactions anywhere and connect to more people, places, and processes. This allows you to extend your existing environment and scale the reach and impact of your team. They are designed to be as easy as voice, accessible on any device, and able to deliver experiences that can surpass being in person.

Collaboration Solutions can provide you with a significant positive business impact, including improved real-time communication and collaboration with colleagues, prospects, and partners, even if they are in opposite hemispheres. Now you can enhance productivity, connect value chains, and spark innovation like never before, using intelligent collaboration solutions.


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It is important to be equipped with the correct technology for your specific organization structure, needs, and goals. ROVE’s enterprise collaboration goal is to assess each business individually to match them with their personalized solution and follow through with training, installation, and organization adoption measures for the most effective outcome.

ROVE’s Collaboration solutions are easy to use, inter-operable, scalable, and cloud-ready.  Our collaboration team can provide your organization with an ROI that adds savings, value, workplace transformation, and optimizes business drivers like travel spend and workforce optimization. Successful implementation and adoption of these collaboration solutions result in increased job satisfaction, improved corporate culture, lower employee turnover, and enhanced business process transformation. 




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