At ROVE we believe that in an ever-evolving world of technology, education and hands on experience are what make us a leading partner for organizations of all sizes.  See what the ROVE Lab can do for you.


Want to see how a new technology works?  Looking to compare a few different solutions?  The ROVE Lab is home to many different products that our team can walk you through on a deep level and provide consultation based on your organization’s current and future environment.

Interactive Experience

ROVE understands that navigating through a product in a hands-on environment can make all the difference in giving you the confidence you need to move forward in advancing your technology. Walk out of the ROVE Lab with an even greater understanding of the product you are considering implementing into your environment.

Proof of Concept

ROVE can provide a proof of concept for many different solutions within the ROVE Lab. This gives you the opportunity to see how your data and systems work along with a new product. Our team will help you measure and evaluate if a solution is best for your organization.