ROVE LogistiX


ROVE LogistiX provides businesses with the peace of mind that can only come from working with a team that specializes in the finer details. Know that delivery and implementation of your recent investment is running seamlessly with ROVE LogistiX.



ROVE’s LogistiX team oversees the equipment ordering process, schedules and tracks delivery, confirms and unloads equipment, and stores all gear in a designated secure area. Upon receipt, the ROVE LogistiX team will record existing and customized asset information that will be used by the customer throughout the process and after install.

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ROVE’s talented engineering team will develop a High Level Architecture Diagram that will serve as a framework for the tested configuration template of all decives being ordered, configured, and shipped. Equipment is peer-reviewed for quality assurance prior to being shipped to its final destination for install.

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ROVE’s Project Management team works with your organization to coordinate the timing, shipping, and logistics of your equipment.  ROVE oversees the smooth transition from the point of equipment purchase through installation and testing. Serving as a point of contact to your locations, communication is kept consistent across the project.