security overview

ROVE’s consulting-led approach helps businesses navigate the complexity of modern security, and supports digital transformation while minimizing risk. ROVE’s security architecture creates an agile and predictive security posture across digital assets and workplaces.


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Infrastructure Security

Enhance the security of your organization’s infrastructure with ROVE’s technical team:

  • Perimeter Security
  • End Point Security


Security Architecture Consulting

ROVE develops a strategic roadmap to secure your organization’s infrastructure, cloud and endpoint boundaries. Security is pervasive across the entire infrastructure stack. With ROVE’s technical expertise in networking, data center and cloud your sensitive data will be secure.



Cloud Security

Gain visibility into user activity and cloud storage with different CASB solutions:

  • User
  • App
  • Data

The importance of security

Digital Network Architecture and hybrid IT are pushing security boundaries off premise into the cloud and beyond the traditional workplace. As a result, defining and enforcing security policies is more complex and necessary than ever.




ROVE Achieves Cisco Security Specialization

Integrate Fortinet firewalls to enhance ACI security

Physical Server Protection with Rubrik


Cisco Umbrella:

I Have a Bridge to Sell You

 I Have a Bridge to Sell You: Part II


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